Doctor’s Profile

Prof. Khin Tun (Clinical Excellence Director)

Department of Urology


M.B,B.S (1970) ,M.Med.Sc(Surgery)1978, F.R.C.S(Edin) 1981, F.I.C.S (2003), M.M.A.M.S(2003),F.F.S.T(Edin)2014 ,F.R.C.S(Ire)2014


Prof Khin Tun graduated M.B,B.S in 1970, anM.B,B.S (1970) ,M.Med.Sc(Surgery)1978, F.R.C.S(Edin) 1981 ,and he also achieved M.Med.Sc(Surgery)1978, F.R.C.S(Edin) 1981 , F.I.C.S (2003), M.M.A.M.S(2003),F.F.S.T(Edin)2014 ,F.R.C.S(Ire)2014. AWARDS : Prof Khin Tun have been awarded the outstanding social and administrative service (first grade ) award by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Union of Myanmar in 2003 and Excellence service award from University Malaysia Sarawak in 2009. In addition, he has 46 years experience in clinical field locally and internationally.

Language – English, Myanmar