Mr. Huang Kaung Ming

I am Mr. Huang Kaung Ming. I live in Taiwan. I am coming here for business. I am heavy drinker and always smoke. I have hypertension and having antihypertensive drug. my blood pressure is always 180/190. One day, I drink a lot without taking antihypertensive drug. Later I couldnt walk, left side of body couldn't move and lost of consciousness. Family sent to PHSH ED once. After lab test and CT done, the result showed it is stoke due to cerebral hamorrhage. Then Dr Haroon - Neuro Surgeon said I need to do urgent operation.

Doctor said mortality rate is 80% with surgery and 100% without it. I decided to do operation. OT Time is 4 hours and it was successful. I stayed in ICU one week and then moved to ward and stayed 2 week there. During hospitalization after surgery, I regularly did physiotherapy and I did alternate after discharged. I can Walk now, my blood pressure goes to normal and I will go back to Taiwan soon.

I satisfied the whole process of medical care done by Dr Haroon, satisfied Nurses care a lot and each team care and treatment especially thanks to Dr Haroon, Dr Zaw Min Oo, Dr Nyi Nyi, Dr Htet Naing and all RMO of PHSH.

Daw Kyawt Yin

Half of my symptoms are gone after seeing PHSH full time doctor Dr Ye Lynn Ko. My mother name is Daw Kyawt Yin who lived in Za Lun. She has diabetes and visit to Dr Ye Lynn Ko for reugular follow up. Dr Ye Lynn ko take time and treat her warmly and so she told me that she feel like most of her symptoms were gone. Blood sugar level is well controlled and her health condition is improved as well. Our family is very happy about it. Thanks Dr Ye lynn ko for his patience and care.

U Nyan Win

My father's name is U Nyan Win, from Hta Wae ( southen part of Myanmar). Presented with syncopal attack and came immediately to Yangon to be treated with Prof Saw Sai Mon Thar. Prof refer patient to PHSH where has state of the art equipment for neurosurgery, due to rupture cerebral aneurysm.

He was operated by Dr Haroon using aneurysm clips. It was really a dufficult operation but there is no local and general neurological deficit occurred after operation and recover well. He is currently taken care by neuro team and rehab team and doing well.

Thanks Prof Saw Sai Mon Thar, Dr Haroon, Dr Zaw Min Oo and rehab team. Can save a lot of money compared to getting treatment oversea. We had a peaceful stay and wish PHSH more prosperous.

Ma Zarchi Htwe

My name is Ma Zarchi Htwe from Hlaing Thar Yar, Tha Ma Gone. I work in a textile Industry. As soon as I got pregnant, my friends from industry encouraged me to take antenatal care at Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital where they took antenatal care. They also gave me the information flyer which provides information about different delivery packages. Then I chose to take antenatal care with O&G specialist Dr Khine Myat Min who also took care of my friend’s pregnancy. I chose the Package F (Silver Ward) which was affordable & suitable for me. Even though I chose Package F, it is as good as other packages and provide same services. They provide three meals a day, environment is comfortable and baby care service is good. I was so satisfied due to the warm and kind services of 24/7 on duty doctors and nurses.

Daw Aye Phyo

Testimonial from a patient who survived after being treated by Multidisciplinary Team Approach I am Daw Aye Phyo from North Dagon Township. Let me share the experience of how I got the disease and the treatments I have got. My chief complaint was severe abdominal distension and then got to emergency department of Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital. After having a CT scan, I had a colonoscopy procedure with the surgeon Dr Myo Kyi. According to the findings, I was told that there is obstruction in my gut because of colon cancer. Then I was admitted to the silver ward (15000 MMK per day) for emergency resection of colon. The nurses explained me that a temporary colostomy was performed. After that operation, I was consulted with Professor Yin Yin Htun (Oncology department) and 4 sessions of chemotherapy were received. Later the colostomy was closed back into the abdomen. It was such a critical condition and I was survived because of the multidisciplinary treatment by the surgeons, oncologists and specialists from different specialities. Moreover, silver ward also is affordable and the care given by medical officers, nurses and other staff is beyond satisfactory. I would also want to express my gratitude to all the doctors especially Dr Myo Kyi from surgical department and Professor Yin Yin Htun from Oncology department.

Kyoe Pin Chan
"A voice from a mother who lives in Mandalay Region, Kyoe Pin Chan, Ku Mè My name is Shun Lè Wint Wadi Aung. Once I am pregnant, I am told by my friend to deliver the baby in Mandalay Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital. I am told that the services provided by both the nurses and other staff are very good. That’s why I start to go to Mandalay Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital since my antenatal care. From the antenatal care till after the delivery, Dr Kaung Myat Htun has taken care of me like his own family member. He had encouraged me helped me remain healthy throughout the whole pregnancy period. It was with the great care of Dr Kaung Myat Htun that I managed to safely deliver my baby on 8 January 2018. The delivery was a success with my first baby delivered healthy. I would like to thank my OG Dr Kaung Myat Htun, my Pediatrician Dr Moe Moe Thin and the team in the operation theatre. I am also satisfied with the services such as I am provided a meal, a comfortable room and bed and the family photo after my delivery. I also feel at ease and comfort because the nurses on duty take care of my baby 24 hours. I would like to thank Mandalay Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital for accompanying me, with so much of care, in this amazing journey of pregnancy and delivery."